Wednesday, April 16, 2014

An Ethical Dilemma.

So, let's say one day you're on the road and your baby starts to come down with a cold. And you, the master of all things pharmaceutical, know exactly what product to get to relieve her suffering. Unfortunately, the only place that seems to carry the product to help the woman you love is an outlet of a certain chain drugstore. A chain you're very familiar with. A chain you used to work for. A chain with whom your association did not end well. This leads to quite the dilemma indeed. Namely... you stuff the product in your right or left coat pocket before you walk out the door?  I went with left, but something tells me right is the proper protocol in these situations.  


Miss Margo said...


(What was the drug you needed, btw?)

DVM.Pat said...

Less an ethical issue, more of a practical one. The correct answer being:

Whichever side is *away* from the nearest security camera.

Alice said...

I thought you would've had enough experience with shoplifters to answer the question: obviously you shove the stuff down your pants. That way if you're caught at least you get a lil action.

ThatDeborahGirl said...

You're a white male. You don't have to do shit with it. You just walk out smiling and wave the shit in the air as you walk out the door.

If someone stops you, you tell them that you're a consultant. Who's not going to believe you?

Bonus points if you're wearing a clipboard. Well-dressed white men with clipboards can take anything they want, anywhere, at anytime.

Angry Psychiatrist said...

I hate to agree with you but as a white male I walked out of books a million once with a book in hand i hadnt paid for. I was all the way home before i realized i had to turn around and pay for it.